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Sacred Art Squad (est. 2018) is helping interfaith congregations & communities identify, utilize, and rescue contemporary sacred artworks. We collect and preserve fine art from the many houses of worship that have faced (or are facing) closure. This work helps us connect artist to worship space and worship space to living artist with innovative programs. We tweet @shaunaleelange and instagram @sacredartsquad  Please contact us at or 941.875.5190 for more information.  Bear with us as we work on this page.

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Sacred Art Squad – More Art. More Love. More YOU. Call 941.875.5190


For Communities: Creative Placemaking

Creative Placemaking & The Expansion of Opportunity, Kresge Foundation (2018)

Enders Island, CT: How You Can Recover, Create & Explore in One Day (2018)

Art for Refugees, Faith & Form Journal (2017)

The Final Frontier: Sacred Art in Space, Faith & Form Journal (2017)

On the Case (Art Crimes), Faith & Form Journal (2017)

For Congregations: No More Dying Churches

Saving Faith Communities: Church Trails & Creative Placemaking (July 2018)

Church Health Report: Self-Assessment Tool (2018)

How to Start and Arts Ministry in Your Church (2018)

Praying with Sacred Art (Traditional) (2018)

Show Me the Ether, Faith & Form Journal (2017)

On Simplicity, Christians in the Visual Arts (2017)

Michael Singer: The Untethered Soul, Christians in the Visual Arts (2017)

Mother Teresa: A Simple Path, American Mathematical Society (1996)


For Artists: Unique Voices & Unusual Paths

Dirt, Doubt, and Faith: Iconographer Mary Jane Miller (2018)

Truths Behind the Precipice of Wildly Successful: Sculptor Chas Martin (2018)

What’s Sacred at Saatchi Art? (2018)

Creating Your Own Minimalist Sacred Space at Home (2018)

Becoming Luc Freymanc: @Jesus.Drawings (2017)

Marlene Burns: Judaic Series and Urban Abstract (2017)

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Sacred Art Squad is an influential visual arts platform covering local, national and international art news and information. Our audience spans the creative landscape including collectors, dealers, artists, galleries, museum directors, curators, designers, art aficionados, connoisseurs and art-goers. Promoting and developing visual artists, art businesses and visual arts organizations in the sacred spaces and places arena since 2018. Reporting on the local art scene, U.S. markets and the global art community, featuring personalities, artwork, trends, exhibits and events in a concise, well-crafted style.


Academic Research

Rise of the Sole Practitioner: Religious Identification & Amorphism (working title) (2018/2019)

 Julio Bermudez, “Extraordinary Experiences of Architecture. Stories of our most profound encounters with buildings and places.” (2018 – contributor, pending publication)

Rise of the Pop-ups: Make-shift Worship Placemaking in a Temporary and Uncertain World (2017)

     No Plaything:  Articulated Terracotta Dolls and the Greek Girl Child in 5th Century Antiquity


Roughhewn People, Ask. Listen. Journey, Artist Profile: Shauna Lee Lange (2017)

Lange Wins Blue Ribbon for Nature of Water (2016)

National Parks Everglades to Feature Lange’s Neo-Pointillism (2015)

World News Daily, Marisa Martin, From Military Mom to Artist of Faith (2012)

Somerset Studio Gallery (2012)

Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios (2009)

Preservation Resources

National Resources

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions  

National Fund for Sacred Places

National Park Service   

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Action

Trust for Public Land   

Partners for Sacred Places

New England Resources

Historic New England 

New England Foundation for the Arts


Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

State Preservation

Historic Preservation Office

Rhode Island

Preserve Rhode Island


Commonwealth of Massachusetts  

Massachusetts Historical Commission   

Department of Conservation & Recreation 

Department of Conservation & Recreation: Cultural Resources Office

Boston Preservation Alliance

The Bostonian Society   

Community Preservation Coalition    

Historic Boston, Inc. 

Historic Salem, Inc.    

Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Inc.   

WHALE (New Bedford)   

Preservation Worcester  

Trustees of Reservations    

The Esplanade Association  

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance


Preservation Trust of Vermont


Maine Preservation


Preservation, Restoration, Demolition & You

Sacred Art Squad includes architectural & church salvage and antique religious artifacts and supplies. We strive to design sacred spaces inside a sacred structure; not simply a gathering space. We also facilitate the respectful disposition of sacred and religious goods from sacred spaces and sacred places. Most items are from closed, relegated, or merged churches. Some items may be sold on consignment from churches that remain open. Sacred Art Squad can help you locate or dispose of:

• Church interiors: Complete furniture from worship buildings in the United States.
• Art & Decoration: Many extravagant items for home, restaurant , theatre, film,   extravagant interior or project.
• Garden ornaments: Old handmade iron gates, statues, stone bottles etc.
• Eccentrics: Hearses, sleighs, oddities.

We are constantly searching throughout North America for unique collections of the finest antique church artifacts.  We purchase antique church stained glass windows, light fixtures, doors, woodwork, altars, railings, pulpits, fonts, pews, chairs, kneelers, statuary, Stations of the Cross, paintings, crucifixes, sanctuary lamps, candlesticks, chalices, ciboria, monstrances, tabernacles, and more. Curated regional artisans and vendors add a constantly changing mix of new, vintage, and antique home decor. We can coordinate the removal, crating, and transportation for these items.

Our inventory is constantly changing with the addition of new merchandise on a regular basis.  The merchandise available for purchase can be viewed online.  Since our entire inventory consists of antique items that have been previously used in churches, most items do have a patina and are not in “brand new” condition.   All merchandise is sold as is, and certain items may require some restoration.  We do facilitate some on-site restoration services.  Please contact us with any questions about merchandise or for shipping quotes.  




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