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Sacrosanct Gallery: Contemporary American Drawing, Sketching and Journaling announces its 2019 group art exhibition dates and program lineup.

Prospectus and Call for Entry:  Standard deadlines for (no fee) artist submissions of original works in any medium for works on paper with drawing as the central component are the last calendar day of the month for the show beginning the following month. Show duration is one month with strike on the last day of the month, show images are retained in the “Past Exhibits” link. Special Jurors or prizes are announced under the show name. Sacrosanct Gallery actively pursues mutually-rewarding, long-term relationships with new and established artists (18 years old plus and US citizens) working in traditional and visionary applications in drawing, sketching, markmaking, or illustrated journaling.

Upon acceptance, email notification to the artist is forwarded.  We reserve the right to decline entries for any reason, or to remove entries for any reason.  Submissions received absent a current website or artist contact information are automatically disqualified.  Sacrosanct Gallery reserves the right to utilize entry images for the purposes of publicity, documentation, education, and promotion.  A maximum of three submissions for Calls for Entries and any questions go to shaunaleelange@gmail.com or 941.875.5190. 

Artists are highly encouraged to use email or text as we are working around the clock on collector development and public relations. Artists are also encouraged to view our past exhibitions page to further understand the range and scope of our vision, although they should take note that prior to 2019, the gallery specialized in contemporary sacred art in America.

Calls for Art – Now Accepting Submissions for

February 2019     Nature Drawings

March 2019     Classical Drawings Movement (Human Form)

April 2019      Buildings & Outposts

May 2019      Fantasy Drawings & Maps

June 2019      Conceptual & Geometric Drawings

                                       July 2019      What is America?

                                     August 2019      Summer’s End

                                   September 2019      School Days

                             October 2019      Repetitive Patterns & Mandalas

                                           November 2019      Aging

                                      December 2019      What is Wealth?


5 thoughts on “future exhibits

  1. Hi, I want to be a part of this exhibition
    I am from Italy.
    How I can do it?
    Let me know details please.
    God bless you


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