about sacrosanct


Sacrosanct Gallery : Contemporary American Art warmly invites you to follow us @sacrosanctgallery on Facebook or @shaunaleelange on Twitter where we regularly post about new trends and thought in visual and fine art. Our Instagram feed is updated daily with even more additional works @sacrosanctgallery 

You can learn more about my qualifications as an art advisor, dealer, artist representative, and art promoter by visiting my personal art site Lange Renderings.

Much love to you as you continue to explore what is authentic, what is whole, and what is “true” in your own lives. As always, you may (without fee) join our global network of art professionals and influential literati at Creative Art Consultants International or email us at sacrosanctgallery@gmail.com or call 941.875.5190. We’re working on this website, pardon us as we shift.

We know contemporary and modern artworks can often lack adequate and original online platforms in addition to traditional physical galleries. More pointedly, contemporary art needs advocates who voice the importance of the work, its utility in communities, and who work to exemplify its meaning and execution.

As of January 2019, Sacrosanct Gallery will concentrate on artists and artworks (based in the US) that seek to channel thoughts and ideas through unique visual voices, especially if those voices expand our cultural thinking and understanding.


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