Sacrosanct Gallery: Contemporary Sacred Art in America warmly invites you to follow us @shaunaleelange on Twitter where we regularly post about new trends in art and the cultural meaning of “sacred” in addition to what’s happening in the field.  We also want to host your accomplished artworks on our Instagram @sacredartsquad.  You can learn more about my qualifications as an art advisor, dealer, rep, and promoter here. Much love to you as you continue to explore what is authentic, what is whole, and what is “sacred” in your own lives. As always, you may (without fee) join our global network of art professionals and influential literati at Creative Art Consultants International or email us at or call 941.875.5190.  We’re working on this website, pardon us as we shift.

Sacrosanct Gallery: Contemporary Sacred Art in America We know contemporary and modern interfaith artworks of the sacred lack adequate and original online platforms and traditional physical galleries.  More pointedly, contemporary sacred art needs advocates who voice the importance of the work, its utility in communities of spirit and faith, and the challenges within meaning and execution.  Beginning in February 2018, Sacrosanct Gallery began to concentrate on artists and artworks (based in the US) that seek to channel belief systems, spiritual spark, and inspirationally reflective and unique voices, especially if those voices expand our cultural thinking and understanding.

Press Releases

HARTFORD, CT (March 1, 2018) – Sacrosanct Gallery, the first fine art gallery exclusively featuring sacred art in contemporary America, has its grand opening exhibition scheduled on Thursday, March 15, 2018.The opening exhibit “Votive” will highlight the works of contemporary artists working in traditional, original, and visionary themes of the sacred.  Sacrosanct Gallery will feature inter-faith artists who make their primary home in the United States.

Votive is one of nine additional exhibitions scheduled for 2018. Shows are curated by Shauna Lee Lange, Founder of Sacrosanct Gallery. Submissions are encouraged for artists seeking representation.

“This opportunity, not only to incubate artists at all skill levels, but additionally to encourage the full creative exploration of amorphous words like faith, belief, sacred, spirituality, religion, and more, screams to be compared and contrasted against the fabric of our cultural times in order to illuminate pathways and possibilities for us all,” Lange said. 

For more information, call 941.875.5190 or visit

Sacrosanct Gallery is the newest addition to the fields of sacred art, sacred places, and sacred spaces.  The gallery exhibits emerging, mid-career and established artists creating contemporary works on paper, paintings, fine art photography, encaustic and assemblage, and more in 2D. The mission of Sacrosanct Gallery is to provide collectors with fresh, new works by original voices; to bridge various artist & related communities; and to provide its artists greater exposure to new markets while incubating meaningful long-term relationships and growth opportunities.



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