Sacrosanct Gallery is a division of the Lange Family portfolio of community art and culture projects in interfaith creative placemaking.  We share a vision to design and deliver initiatives to incubate true celebration of diversity, resiliency, creativity and progress of people and place.  We’re generating, supporting and promoting links between our creative selves, our work, our sustenance, and our place on earth for thriving communities.

You are welcome here.  We’ve added a few of our larger projects below to demonstrate the range of activities we undertake.  Plug in if you are interested in building new networks and opportunities for art’s restorative and educational opportunities through culture.  We work with and promote organizations, groups, and individuals who are utilizing visual art in and out of faith-based and spiritually sacred concentrated areas. Our working manifesto is:

The growth of the artist in every area of life

Creative process as a privilege and responsibility

Excellence as a common pursuit

Artistic exploration, Art with meaning, Art that lifts

Collaboration and Community

Founder Shauna Lee Lange has been working in the field of art, culture, nature, and faith since 2006 and in the field of administration, management and program analysis for over 15 years. After she formed an integrated international think tank for global art professionals, she went on to provide art workshops, formed a Washington DC metropolitan area art advisory, and volunteered with multiple art institutions and organizations.

Lange’s love of insular coastal communities brought about a 2011 relocation to Florida following a full career of Federal military and government analytics with a host of agencies.  She regularly participates in International Urban Sketchers and other physical and online community-based drawing and illustration groups with her self-taught art journals, visual diaries, and sketchbooks; also exhibited nationally along with watercolor pointillism and narrative collage.  This involvement is important because it demonstrates mastery in understanding the art world system as a worker-bee in conjunction with the individual artist’s challenges.

In 2017, Lange relocated back to her native New England and now is based out of the Greater Hartford Connecticut region. Her team contributes to community public installation art, advocates for the advancement of art programs, and participates in the national art economy. Sacrosanct has been a dream in the making for over ten years and we want to share that dream with you, too.  Journey around on these pages, we have much to offer and more to come.

Boca Grande Farmers Market, Gasparilla Island, FL.  Founder of the first original art & food market on a remote barrier island located in a food desert. 
Nationals Ball Park, Washington, DC.  Public Art Projects including the annual Artomatic showcase.
Englewood, Florida. Saving Lives is a grassroots coalition, a resource repository, and a think tank for changing causality through creativity & faith. 


Alexandria, VA. Entrepreneurial foundational philanthropy for organizations such as American for the Arts, Vander Zee Atelier, Torpedo Factory, Target Gallery, Del Ray Artisans.


Florida Keys.  Community Development Art Projects throughout the Keys include art criticism, art writing, art appraisals and an art auction house. 


Southwest Arizona & California.  Art gallery development, mentoring and exhibition advisory.  Sacred gardens development and design incorporating art and faith. 
Moore County, North Carolina.  Art Church North Carolina (est. 2014), is artist and educator Joy Hellman’s incubator program.  Art Church is an art advisory consortium specializing in the delivery and advancement of liturgical and sacred art exploration to young student artists.  Art Church works to positively inspire visually creative faith-based communities. 
Lange: Creative Art Consultants International (est. 2006), is a no-cost, openly integrated, web-based think-tank network with over 18,000 global arts professionals actively participating.  We love collaborating!
Workshop Development & Delivery for all ages, all skill levels.  We fully believe in the diversity of multiple minds.  Summer Art Camp participants created functional boxes out of old maps to learn how one navigates form and function. 
Metropolitan Washington, DC.  Public Art Installations for Crystal City, VA Business Improvement District & Capital Development Programs
The East Hampton Connecticut Writers Guild (est. 2017) meets monthly at the historic Bevin House Bed & Breakfast. The group is open to all ages and skill levels for published and aspiring writers.