Sacrosanct Gallery – Contemporary American Art

Sacrosanct helps individuals, organizations, and communities explore how visual voices are expressed in culture.  We support all those seeking to understand and explain the relationships between objects, works of art, and sustaining or challenging systems.  The work you’ll find in our galleries has been personally curated through on-going relationships.  We have the odd idea that art is a vehicle for inter-exchange and it is this concept we wish to pursue.  You’ll find the abstract, the visionary, the bold, and the disturbing, however the works will always be the finest representation of unique artistic talen.

We tweet about contemporary art @shaunaleelange and we Instagram @sacrosanctgalleryYou can learn more about the gallery founder, Shauna Lee Lange, here. Email us at or call direct at 941.875.5190.  Our webpage is an ongoing work in progress and some of our services can be seen here.

Sacrosanct continues to work on a collective body of ACTIVELY producing artists.  A good curator is like an art evangelist, a missionary for a better world — (s)he celebrates the aesthetics of life, and keeps editing. (S)he has to be a visual thinker, understanding the foundations, correlations, and outpourings that serve as the spark for a piece.

Sacrosanct also offers art programs that seek to enliven and deepen conversation and communication about difficult matters facing communities and humanity. These include art exhibitions focusing on the issues of life’s challenges.

We seek to utilize space as a means to fill art education and communication gaps.  Overwhelming research points to the positive impact a strong art background can have on our societal development and overall enrichment.

Increasingly, public and private spaces are bringing works of art into their chambers in order to enhance thought and provide a focus for reflection. By exploring the relationship between space and the visual arts, we can assist with advice and advisory services for the collector and the artist.

Finally, Sacrosanct provides leading resources for program management consultation to organizations involved in art administration, art application, art’s meaning and most importantly, art’s communication.  We generate ideas, we help deliver messages, we illuminate strategic plans, we simplify challenges, and we walk through strategies for successful outreach.  We’re problem solvers and creative idea people.

More art is more love.