creative art consultants international

Shauna Lee Lange, The Re-Interpretation of Rob Vander Zee’s Narcissus (c. 2016), mixed media collage, paper on cotton, 18″ x 24″

In 2006, in a 4th story apartment in metropolitan Washington, DC, faced with empty-nest syndrome, I was frustrated with looming challenges in connecting to like-minded art professionals (back in the day of newly emerging social media).  So, I created a group known as Creative Art Consultants International.  And each day, I researched people, I added people, I talked to people, I exchanged ideas.  I tell you now, that simple activity was a lifeline and one day, I woke to find that group had grown and morphed into a virtual think tank.  Build it and they will come.  I did, and they do.

What’s more important today, is the available resource this avails our art and culture systems work and how it will help YOU achieve your goals, too.  We have on hand creative professionals of every walk of life, in nearly every major location – sculptors, potters, advisors, educators, thinkers, doers, flamboyant scene makers, introverts, and literati.

As of July 2018, just a short 12 years after our inception, over 19,000 global art professionals are regularly and meaningfully participating.  That’s an addition of approximately 1,583 people a year, or 131 people a month, or 4.3 a day, WHILE holding down a full time Federal career, exhibiting art professionally, falling in love and losing love, bringing new life into this world, and relocating my home at least nine times since.  And that’s how I (and many other creatives) roll.  Come on over and join the dance.  More art is more love. No art left behind.

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