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Shauna Lee Lange, Where Are You Going/Ou allez-vous? (2007), 7×5″, Collage (Sketchbook)

 Open Call to Artists

Sacrosanct Gallery: Sacred Art in Contemporary America is actively accepting submissions for original works in faith and spirit-based themes in all media. Please forward works or proposals to with links and no more than 3 images attached.  We support our artists by showcasing work on our Instagram and Twitter site daily.  For the 2018 calendar schedule and more details, please return to the homepage and select “Upcoming Exhibitions”.

  Sacrosanct Gallery

Our gallery system was founded in 2006 as a source for inspiration, education, and research to enable people to understand and value the universal communicative language of the arts.  The gallery has taken many start-up forms over the years, as of 2018 we are utilizing a mix of social media, internet based platforms, physical avenues, and in-person collector development. We are also proponents of word-of-mouth because we know there is no other gallery like ours in intent and content and we also know that the meaning and application of what’s ‘sacred’ changes every single day.

All media forms are considered throughout the year on a rotating basis, first in – first seen. Work and/or proposals may be submitted through email to and should contain an artist cv, a statement, a website, your social media locations, and your contact information AS WELL AS three attached images at the maximum.

Permanent Acquisition

We acquire works of art for our contemporary permanent collection. Accessions to the permanent collection are made possible from patron-donor partnerships and outright gifts.


We work to support art therapies and art relief programs in the United States.


Sacrosanct Gallery explores and expands the intersections of art, nature, faith, spirituality, creativity, culture, and community.  How can we help you grow more today?  941.875.5190